911 Information

This information is through the courtesy of the White County Sheriff's Department. Anyone who has ever had to call 911 knows the value and dedication of the Telecommunication (Dispatch) Operators.

The nation-wide emergency public safety number, 9-1-1, is for emergencies only.

What is an emergency? An emergency is any crime, medical situation or fire that is in progress or any crime that has just occurred and the suspect is still on the scene or there is a possibility of apprehension, and any personal injury accident or any accident including any including any of the above criteria. Some more specific examples are...

  • Crimes in progress
  • Suspicious activity (Prowlers, someone unfamiliar in the neighborhood)
  • Medical emergencies
  • Fires
  • Serious accidents / injuries
  • Person shot / shots fired
  • Person stabbed
  • Robbery / burglary in progress
  • Natural disasters (tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Fights
  • Live wires down

What information do I need to give when calling 9-1-1?

As much information as you have.
There are six W’s that communication officers are mainly concerned with:

  • Where (location)
  • When (is it happening, or did it already happen)
  • Who (is involved)
  • What (is the nature of the problem)
  • Welfare (of parties involved)
  • Weapons (are there any involved in the situation)